Declan Murphy - Chiropractor in Brussels

I’m an Irish Chiropractor. I have been living on and off in Brussels since 2003.

I love being a Chiropractor.  I’ve had lots of other jobs including programming computers, teaching Mathematics, and performing in the circus. I like Chiropractic the best.

I grew up in Ballina, a small town in the west of Ireland. Big family: two parents, eight children. After highschool I went to study Mathematics in Cardiff. Later I completed a Masters degree in Pure Mathematics and started programming computers.  After a couple of years I got restless and joined the circus.

Three years later I started my Chiropractic Masters studies at university in England.  On graduating in 2009 I began working in the Netherlands. I lived and worked as a chiropractor in Nijmegen for three years. It’s one of my favourite dutch cities.

In January 2013 I started working in Brussels, alongside Chiropractor Tine Jørgensen at Chiropractic Center Brussels. Later that year I opened my first clinic in Zaventem. In March 2014 I opened my own clinic at Arts-Loi. I currently work between Zaventem and Arts-Loi.

I am a native English speaker but I ask speak French and Dutch quite well. Currently about 70% of my patients are English-speaking, the remainder speaking Dutch or French.

In my spare time I enjoy rock-climbing, tango dancing, lifting weights, travelling and building websites.  I still love the circus and I watch performances as often as possible.

I hope you find this website of value. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Declan Murphy in the Dolomiti