Bachelor of Science Mathematics, Cardiff University, Wales

October 1995 – Jun 1998

Master of Science Pure Mathematics, University of Iowa, USA

September 1998 – August 2000

Formation Préparatoire aux Arts du Cirque & de la Scène, Espace Catastrophe, Brussels, Belgium

September 2004 – June 2005

Master of Chiropractic, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England

September 2005 – June 2009

Post-graduate Seminars

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It might seem like a random progression but everything made perfect sense at the time.

I really enjoyed studying Mathematics. Quite often I miss the comfortable black-and-whiteness. It’s not quite like that in healthcare. In Healthcare we have to make the best decision for each individual patient based on what we know and based on the resources that we have available to us. As a patient you will see that we do use some trial and error to find the most appropriate treatment for you. I will, however, always attempt to use a logical rationale throughout the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Circus has always been a passion for me, and as soon as I discovered that something like circus school existed, it shot up to no.1 on my to-do list. Luckily, I picked up hand-balancing quite quickly. I’ve always been surprised by the number of people who have said that they weren’t interested in going to circus school. Doesn’t everyone want to go? Maybe everyone has a circus school of their own to attend some day. I hope so.