My Approach

My goal is to facilitate movement.

Classic chiropractic adjustments are an extremely effective manner to restore movement, by this I mean both the movement at a single joint and the whole-body movement patterns. It’s not only one spot that feels better after an adjustment; just think of how you breath easier and walk a little taller.

But it doesn’t stop there. The quality of your sleep, how you get out of bed, what you eat for breakfast, what kind of shoes you wear… all these may be relevant to your quality of movement. And we haven’t even left the house yet. Do you cycle, drive or walk to work? Mostly sit or stand? A couple of long breaks or several shorter ones? And in the evening: sports, social obligations, or a chance to relax?

The goal of my treatment plan is to optimise functional movement. For some people this means that they should perform normal daily activities pain free. For others it may mean improving their sports performance.

In the last few years great advancements in research have been made. The culture of evidence-based medicine has affected the whole healthcare industry. I’m proud to say that the traditional chiropractic treatments have withstood recent scientific criticism.

The classic chiropractic adjustments decrease pain, increase mobility and improve function. In some cases these adjustments are all that an individual needs to significantly improve their health and reduce their symptoms. For many patients, in order to get faster results, we supplement the adjustments with muscle treatments such as trigger-point therapy or dry-needling. Particular patients, for example if there is a disc hernia, will be guided in pain-relieving exercise from the very first visit. More often, however, exercise will come later, after pain has subsided and mobility has improved.

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